KC Conaway at Guardian Crawl Space did an outstanding job of lining the crawl space under our home in Sussex County. He excavated and installed a drain line along the perimeter of the entire crawl space and installed a quality sump pump and dehumidifier to keep the humidity level at a safer level. He performed the work in a timely manner and his price was very reasonable. We are extremely pleased with the work he performed and with his conscientious follow up and willingness to make some adjustments even after the job was completed. He also went above and beyond our expectations by cheerfully tackling some extra repairs that were not part of his original contract. Mr. Conaway’s professional experience and expertise are clearly evident when it comes to assessing crawl spaces and working up customized plans to improve crawl space conditions. Lastly, we can honestly say that KC is one of the most decent and likeable persons that we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. We highly recommend KC Conaway and Guardian Crawl Space!