Crawl Space Cleaning & Insulation Removal

Crawl Space Cleaning and Insulation Removal

Did you know that debris in your crawl space can be holding moisture and contributing to mold growth and musty odors in your home? In addition, these materials can also provide bedding and food for unwanted pests like mice and termites.

A clean crawl space is very important to keep your home healthy. Many homes that we inspect have batt fiberglass insulation in the subfloor. If moisture levels under the home are high, fiberglass insulation has a short lifespan. Eventually, it will be rendered useless as it absorbs water and falls to the crawl space floor. On most occasions, the paper on the insulation will provide a good substrate for mold to grow as well.

It’s critical that your crawl space remains clean and free of debris. Contact us today for a FREE estimate to get your crawl space cleaned by the Guardian Crawl Space experts and healthy again for years to come.  

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