K. C. was great to work with. We are new owners of our first house with a crawl space – the house is 8 years old and we took out carpeting and repalced it with plank flooring. In talking with neighbors they asked if we had a dehumidifier; I didn’t know, I’d never looked in the crawl space. I checked it out and we didn’t have one so I called around to get a quote for putting one in.
K. C. was out to give me a quote within a couple of days. I chose Guardian becauce he didn’t try to over-sell me; told me that the sump pump and insulation was in good shape and that I would only need the dehumidifier and wifi monitors for the dehumidifier and sump pump. Within a week he was out to install everything.
We are totally satisfied with the product, the service, and the company!