Though using my wife’s (initials G.C.) account (my cell # changed; I could not get into mine), this review is by Michael Bazin. I have had an extremely good experience with Guardian Crawl Space Co. and with “K.C.” and his assistant, John. My dehumidifier in my already-enclosed crawl had frozen up, and due to a past, costly disaster under my house with mold, I was anxious to get a replacement a.s.a.p. K.C. answered the phone after hours (I was expecting an answering machine). He is very personable, and he thought he could fit me in, somehow, in the next week if he could do it in the evening. Hearing my concerns, he fit me in on that Mon. evening. (I had called on Thursday or Friday night.) This was about 12 days sooner than anyone else had been able to promise. Communication was great. The price was comparable to a co. with the same brand and capacity (AprilAire E 100). The machine has a washable filter and a five-year warranty. It looks more impressive than the one it replaced (also a 100) that had died in a year and a half. K.C. also offered, on my inquiry, a device to show the humidity in the crawl space. He also offered installing a bigger, and impressive, entry to the crawl, but these were offered without any pressure at any time. I took him up on the first offer. K.C. showed up on Monday, letting me know exactly when he was coming, and worked long into what should have been his and John’s evening and personal time. He also e-mailed me, that same night, both a receipt and his registration (which I have printed and kept for the warranty) of my dehumidifier with AprilAire. (The last guy never even provided a receipt, so I appreciated this.) There are other dehu. makers that end in “Aire,” but this manufacturer seems superior to one others of these that I have experienced (including the replaced machine). Back to K.C. He and John were always pleasant and professional, looked for ways to save me money (this included but was not limited to saying I did not need something I had inquired about), and were never pressuring me for anything, even offering to send me an invoice rather than paying them there and then, though I did. It was also evident that K.C. has skills and knowledge beyond the immediate task. In short, it has been a long time since I have dealt with someone as responsive, trustworthy, and reliable, offering a quality product and services. Guardian Crawl Space Co. is first on my list for any relevant future work, and, based on this experience, I would recommend them to family, neighbors, and colleagues, and to anyone reading this. The machine they installed quickly reduced the humidity from around 60% to 49% (set point 50), and I am relieved. I am very fortunate and very grateful that K.C. went out of his way for my peace of mind. Guardian indeed!