I highly recommend Guardian Crawl Space Company! After noticing a damp spot on my basement wall, I called and asked to have it evaluated. K.C. promptly answered my call and came to examine it within two days. After viewing the issue, he found a crack in the wall and assured me it was not a big deal to repair. He thoroughly explained the procedure and provided a repair estimate. The work was done in a timely fashion and in a very professional manner. Additionally, as the house was under contract to be sold, K.C. took the time to take a phone call from the buyers and explain the situation and repair procedure. K.C. went above and beyond the normal, provide an estimate and complete the work order, that you get from most national brand companies. It is very evident that he takes great pride in being a local family owned business and he treats his customers with a great deal of respect. I can not recommend this company enough. If you are in need of basement or crawl space work, contact Guardian Crawl Space Company!